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SINA Framework

Enterprise and Organizational Software Solution

What is SINA?
Almost all projects need to have the same codes like authentication and authorization and the same components like sign in box, user profile and the same libraries like jquery and jauery ui and etc.
SINA is a software layer over the ASP.NET MVC ,already prepared these code and libraries for the programmer. SINA is an idea in which we manage and control all the project actions and controllers.
SINA is based on areas and it has a kernel that packed all the common libraries and each program can be developed under an area so that each area is able to use the public kernel libraries.

SINA is a solution for developing enterprise applications. The idea comes from when we worked on several projects for different organizations and in each project we had to repeat some codes so we decided to pull this public codes out and create a framework so we have SINA now and we make use of it in all projects and after a year we(company programmers) are very satisfied and we like to share it with others.

We have prepared lots of the things like providers and libraries.

How to setup SINA Framework?
You just need to download the latest SINA Framework release and open the project in Visual Studio. Then add your new project as a new area. when you run the project SINA starts and you can see the magic!

What are the technologies ?
- Entity Framework
- Microsoft SQL Server

What is in SINA Framework ?
- a core Database(SInaDB) to save Areas/Controllers/Actions/Roles/Users/Units and organizations
- a common library with helpers for SinaDB access
- a Widgets library ( suitable widgets like SignIn box / Menus / ....)
- a Common library with Filters (Authentication/ Authorization) for RBAC fundamental
- a lot of other useful codes that you can use in all your projects

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